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Things to Do in Singapore

Clinging on to only a few best things to do in Singapore is difficult, for the more you wander around the city, the more the Lion City would entice you to explore.You can explore various Asian cultures that immigrants have brought from all parts of the continent, that’s why Singapore is also known as Instant Asia. English, Singlish, Malay, Chinese, and Tamil would be buzzing around your ears while exploring the streets of Lion City. You can indulge yourself in the taste of Singaporean dishes.

The city-state also introduces attractive gardens, splendid architecture and ever-busy shopping streets. Singapore is a perfect blend of historic and contemporary, the old and the new. There are many fun things to do in Singapore, ranging from enjoying thrill rides in Universal studios to the Singapore river safari, you can enjoy every minute of the Lion City. You can also witness various tourist attractions ranging from Marina Bay to impressive Gardens by the bay. With activities like Cable car ride in Sentosa, indoor skydiving at iFly Singapore and the night safari in Singapore, the garden city promises to never leave you out of options to explore.

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Enjoy Thrilling Rides in Universal Studios Singapore

Battlestar Galactica is one of the most thrilling ride among many others in the Universal Studios Singapore. If you are someone who loves thrill along with fun, then this popular ride is for you. Enchanted Airways, another famous amusement, is said to be a mini roller coaster where you can enjoy twists and drops. Anyone would love to go on this forever! Puss in Boots Giant’s Journey is set up in a way that attracts not only kids but also brings out joy in adults. The journey starts with a smooth start, taking you through a mini world of its own, where you have to join puss and kitty on this swashbuckling adventure in search of rare golden eggs. There are several activities to do in Singapore, come and explore them in your unique way.

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Cable Car Singapore
Cable Car Ride in Sentosa

How about enjoying a 360º panoramic view of the Lion city while relaxing on a Singapore Cable Car ride? Head to Sentosa island to experience the most amazing cable ride ever. On your way back from Mount Faber line to Sentosa Island, you get an amazing scenic view of Sentosa island from Singapore's tallest hills. Moreover, you get a splendid view of the entire city from one of the tallest hills in Singapore. It is one of the best things to do in Singapore. You can also have a look at dolphins swimming below at Resorts World Sentosa's Adventure Cove.

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Sky Dining Singapore Flyer
Visit Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer is Asia’s largest giant observation wheel, located at the heart of downtown, Marina Bay. Singapore Flyer offers a breathtaking iconic view of the Lion City that stretches to Malaysia and Indonesia on a crystal-clear day. A striking spin of Singapore Flyer takes you as high as 42 storeys or 165 metres above the ground as you soak in the amazing view. It offers a thrilling and a memorable experience to take along. Be awestruck by the night view of Singapore Flyer as you witness the Singapore River, Marina Bay, Raffles Place, and the Padang with astonishing glowing lights.

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Stroll at Gardens By the Bay

Gardens by the Bay is one of the most famed tourist attractions and the reasons are obvious. The entire set-up and layout of the garden is filled with lush green plantations and well structured pathways. Beyond the surreal flora, the iconic infrastructure of Gardens by the bay would give you a glimpse of nature with an artistic knack. Replenish your soul with ever-pleasing flowers and plants. Activities involved during the visit to Gardens by the bay are one of the most fun things to do in Singapore.

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Indoor Skydiving at iFly Singapore

An indoor skydiving facility located at iFly Singapore with an air-conditioned space, this place tops the list of fun things to do in Singapore. This is the right platform for someone who has fear of falling but wants to tick skydiving off their bucket list. IBFA (International Body of Flight Association)-certified instructors will guide you throughout the indoor skydiving experience, ensuring you the safest environment to enjoy the free-fall. Plan your visit to iFly Singapore which promises an adrenaline rush while you enjoy the iconic view of the South China sea through a glass wall. The indoor skydiving experience is one of the best things to do in Singapore.

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Singapore zoo.jpg
Explore Singapore Zoo

Do you also have a sense of curiosity or excitement when you hear Zoo? The Singapore Zoo will definitely quench your excitement with a wide array of activities; from feeding your favourite animals to wild carousel rides and much more. Watch the animals as they showcase their talents alongside their trainers. Get excited to listen to the stories about your favourite animals from their respective keepers and caretakers. Go behind the scenes to discover the nature of animals and explore further in the wilderness.

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Night Safari Singapore
Go For Night Safari Singapore

Night Safari Singapore is one of the unique attractions of Singapore. There are various zones in the night safari to explore. Different creatures can be spotted ,and various tours and rides such as Guided Tram Ride, Fishing Cat Trail, East Lodge Trail and much more are included in the night safari. Get ready to embark on a wild journey at night to try out new things which involve exploring in an offbeat way. Escape the ordinary and enjoy your dinner at night safari in the Tipi tent, with delicious food and stunning wildlife encounters stories. Carry a camera and capture the best of your moments in the night safari alongside your favourite animals.

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Jurong Bird Park
Spend a Day at Jurong Bird Park

Get ready to fly to Asia’s largest bird paradise,if you are an avid birdwatcher, or simply a tourist who is curious. There are a variety of unique birds to admire in Jurong Bird Park. Feed a few birds, and don’t be surprised if they perch on your hands while you are feeding them. From African treetops to the penguin coast, there are several species to discover in Jurong Bird Park. African treetops consist of 2500 avian species from 111 families, and explore over 500 birds from 135 species in the Wings of Asia Zone. The penguin coast has one-third of the world’s penguin species.

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River Wonders
Singapore River Safari

Singapore River Safari is themed around the freshwater rivers in the world. In Singapore River Safari, you can uncover over 2500 splendid land species and 250 species of aquatic life. Be amazed upon discovering the manatees at Amazon flooded forest, the world’s largest freshwater aquarium, the Yangtze River, Amazon River Quest, Ganges River, Congo River, giant pandas at Giant Panda Forest, Mary River, Mekong River, River Gems, and Nile River. Make use of the chance to get a close picture of Chinese river otters, giant salamanders and Mekong catfish. You can also enjoy a boat ride on the Amazon River. You can also learn about the plants and animals around the world’s impressive rivers.

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Axe factor Singapore
Axe Throwing Experience

A game to vent out anger and frustration? Well, the Axe Factor in Singapore is the best option to go with. Axe factor is a unique activity to do in Singapore. If you are frustrated with your life or with someone or with yourself, then hurl axes onto a target board 14 feet away. The entire activity is considered a contemporary way to vent out your frustrations. The decompression method to let your worries out in a unique way has attracted many people, especially the youth. Several companies host parties, and even corporate and team-building events.

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Skyline luge sentosa
Skyline Luge Sentosa

If you want to experience the best gravity-fuelled thrill ride, then Skyline Luge Sentosa is the wise option to choose from. Make yourself comfortable in the driver’s seat of 3-wheeled luge carts and leave the rest to gravity. You do not have to worry about your safety because you have the entire control over the speed, as you ride down 4 purpose-built tracks with wide hairpin corners, thrilling tunnels and downhill slopes through a mystical forest that lights up after sundown. If you do it once, you will end up doing it again and again.

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duck tour singapore
Duck Tour Singapore

Come and witness the iconic view of Ducktour Singapore and enjoy a range of activities, while having fun with your close ones here. This one-hour journey on the duck tour takes you through the mesmerizing skyline, various historical landmarks and gorgeous Marina Bay. An amphibious military vehicle, drives you through the stunning Singapore Flyer and Fountain of Wealth as you hear the running commentary about the places you sightsee. The best part of the entire tour, which usually leaves people astonished, is the conversion of the land vehicle into a boat as it hits the Singapore River.

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Singapore river cruises.jpg
Singapore River Cruise

Explore the exotic Garden City while you cruise through the river. Hop on a bumboat and admire the unique beauty of Singapore. River Cruise's 40-minute journey will help you embrace the heritage and traditions of the Lion city while having a fun-filled time with your loved ones. Get to know about the stunning architecture of Singapore as you relax on a Bumboat. You will also hear an ongoing commentary about the richness, modernity and history of Singapore City. This would undoubtedly give you a classic experience alongside the iconic view of the riverside highlights of Singapore.

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zipline singapore.jpg
Zipline Singapore

Singapore Zipline is one of the fun things to do in Singapore. Located at the Siloso Beach and Sea, the zipline is 450-metre long extending over the Imbiah hill jungle. This would be the most enjoyable ride as you pass through the Imbiah hill jungle. If you are scared of adventure activities, then Zipline would be a great start to build your confidence whilst having fun. Ziplining is one of the activities that gives you an adrenaline rush at the beginning of the journey. You get to fly at a speed of 60kmph over the Imbiah hill and arrive at a man-made island.

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Sky Dining Singapore 3.jpg
Sky Dining Singapore

Aboard the Lion city’s renowned wheel to enjoy the aromatic four-course dining experience. If you are someone who doesn’t like to wait in long queues, then make use of the priority booking to enjoy the dinner with an exotic view. Indulge in delicious food and enjoy a romantic time under the stars in the heart of the city. The Sky Dining experience is not only reserved for romantic couples, but for all those who want to have a memorable time with their family and friends whilst enjoying the delightful view of Marina Bay.

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Bungee Jump Sentosa.jpg
Bungee Jump Sentosa

Bungee Jumping in Sentosa is a fun thing to do in Singapore, especially for those who love thrills. Experience the thrill while you leap from 47-metre height at the AJ Hackett Bungy Jump platform. You get an opportunity to grab an Instagram worth picture or video while jumping from the deck. Bungee Jumping on Sentosa Island is perfectly safe since the pilots are certified and professionally trained. All you need to do is bring a sense of adventure while opting for bungee jumping.

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giant swing sentosa2.webp
Giant Swing Sentosa

Sentosa Giant Swing would give an adrenaline rush like no other. You can fly through the air at up to 120km/h in 3.5 seconds, 40 metres high, above the beautiful Sentosa beach on your own, or you can choose to book the activity in a group of three. Enjoy the action-packed Giant Swing along with your peers. You get an amazing view of the white beach once you reach the height of 45 metres. Indeed, it sounds thrilling, but also gives you a wholesome experience once done. Taking a ride at the Giant Swing Sentosa is one of the most fun things to do in Singapore.

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SkyHelix Sentosa
Dine at SkyHelix Sentosa

SkyHelix Sentosa is one among the most super-fun things to do in Singapore. Hover on a flight to experience an open-air picturesque ride at SkyHelix Sentosa. Once you sit on an open-air gondola, you might feel the SkyHelix being rotated as it ascends at a height of 79 metres above sea level. Be awe-struck by the stunning 360° views stretching from Sentosa to the Keppel Bay area and the Southern Islands. It does not matter if the activity takes place during the day or during the night, because each flight is an amazing experience to remember.

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Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore
Spend a Day at Adventure Cove Waterpark

Beat the heat by immersing yourself in the fun-filled activities of Adventure Cove Waterpark. Enjoy the thrilling rides and snorkelling with tropical fishes at this Waterpark. Make the most of your holiday by spending a day in this Singapore Waterpark. Spend your lazy day under the sun with thrills of water splashing all over your body. Everyone is a kid at heart when it comes to playing water games. In a certain ride, slide through a tunnel and let the water swash all over your body. Make sure to indulge in various fun activities and rides, and don’t miss the fun!

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SEA Aquarium Singapore
Visit S.E.A Aquarium Singapore

Take a wider look into the ocean to discover more than 100,000 marine animals belonging to an approximate of 1,000 species,spread across 40 diverse habitats. The components of the SEA Aquarium stun you as you glance at the schools of fish and enchanting sea creatures swimming. The animals from the other end of the glass seem more livelier than ever. Get ready to meet 12 species of shark including the endangered scalloped hammerhead shark as they move gently in the ocean. Observe the ever-thrilling majestic apex predator of the sea, the shark, and its habitats,which contain 200 predators including the ferocious silvertip shark.

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Marina Bay Sands Skypark
Marina Bay Sands Skypark

Marina Bay Sands Skypark is an emblematic three-pronged hotel that adds to the beauty of Singapore and attracts international visitors and dignitaries. As you get on to the Skypark Observation Deck, which is located 57-storey up from the heart of Marina Bay, a wide pleasing view of Singapore’s world-class cityscape and Marina Bay would unfold beautifully before you. Indulge yourself in the scenic view of the city by taking a dip in the Infinity Pool, the iconic rooftop of Singapore. If you are a visitor, diving in the infinity pool is one of the best things to do in Singapore. From the Singapore River to the durian-shaped domes of the Esplanade, you can spot anything out of Singapore’s renowned landmarks from above.

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Hi Roller Ice Skating
Hi Roller Ice Skating

Hi Roller Ice Skating offers two types of Skating, namely, Roller Skating and Inline Skating. Roller skating is an ancient type of skating that has four wheels in a two-by-two configuration which gives you more stability. Inline Skating is more suitable outdoors to avoid obstacles as it has four wheels in a straight-line configuration. It is more commonly used in modern days. Adventuring in Hi-roller indoor skating rink is the right call to take if you want to try something new and exciting. Satisfy your cravings for a skating experience on this little yet stunning Island with disco lights and classic pops to give you a wholesome experience.

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art science museum Singapore
Art Science Museum

Experience a unique museum of art and science in Lion city. The Art Science Museum is one of the most iconic landmarks of Singapore. The art museum has led several large-scale exhibitions by some of the world’s major artists, including M.C. Escher, and Salvador Dalí since its opening in February 2011. Apart from art, the museum also had exhibitions to explore characteristics of science including marine biology, big data and space exploration. Get ready to gain insights and immerse yourself in a world of science, art and magic through a collection of digital interactive installations.

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Wild Wild Wet Waterpark
Wild Wild Wet Waterpark Singapore

The Wild Wild Wet Waterpark is a huge water park situated in Pasir Ris, Singapore. It consists of 16 amazing attractions, eight thriller rides and three play areas for children to get along with each other and have fun. This is an absolute delight to enjoy with family on a hot summer day. Immerse yourself in a wild wild wet waterpark and chill in the refreshing waters. Get ready to bring out the kid in you as you ride through Asia’s longest free-fall water slides. This is a perfect place for children to get their feet wet and enjoy water in a safe surrounding. Whether you want to enjoy the exciting rides or just chill splashing about, the Wild wild wet waterpark has everything to offer.

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Gogreen Segway Eco Adventure
Gogreen Segway Eco Adventure

Hop onto the innovative Segway personal transporter and scoot along the famed sunny beaches of Sentosa- Siloso and Palawan beach. Anyone who is at least 10 years old can experience this fun. Friends, couples and family usually prefer the Gogreen Segway Eco Adventure ride to any other ride in Sentosa. This fantastic 30 minutes Sewage Eco Adventure ride is done with proper training and safety measures, given by the friendly instructors. Embrace the sun-kissed Sentosa beaches as you embark on the journey with the instructor. The time assigned never feels enough once you start your journey alongside this beautiful attraction up close.

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HeadRock VR Sentosa.jpg
HeadRock VR

HeadRock VR is one of the largest Virtual Reality based Theme parks in Southeast Asia. Get ready to create unforgettable memories in Singapore’s first ever VR theme park. Discover the ultimate fun along with your loved ones. It is more exciting for children since it gives them a variety of games powered by advanced interactive technology. The park consists of two zones namely VR play zone and the Kids Media Interactive zone which offers a fun and engaging experience for children. From jungle rafting to skyscrapers there is a lot to explore in the VR play zone. The Kids Media Interactive Zone is themed around ‘Dino-The Dinosaur’, where kids can have fun whilst they enjoy bizarre activities.

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Get your excitement together to enjoy climbing, sliding and bouncing your way through HydroDash. It is the first floating aqua park in Singapore, right in the heart of Sentosa Islands. Let the fun begin as you invite your friends, family and loved ones to witness the floating obstacle courses suitable for all ages in the Hydro Dash. It is one of the best activities to do in Singapore. Hydrodash ensures you a thrill of a lifetime experience. They also provide you with a safety briefing before you start. So, take up this chance to enjoy and explore the most inflatable water park experience.

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Kayaking in Singapore.webp
Kayaking in Pulau Ubin

Mangroves are known to be the best place for Kayaking. Pulau Ubin is located close to the centre of Singapore, which is also known as a hidden wonderland. The time limit is upto 4 hours, and the same is assigned to spend in Mangroves by Kayaking. If you are a solo adventure seeker, then you can directly go for it or you can bring along a friend to have fun. It is a beginner-friendly activity, so anyone can experience it. All types of equipment and gear are provided at the time of the activity. It is a hassle free activity and also provides a glimpse of wildlife such as Hornbills, Kingfishers and many more species.

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Rock Climbing Singapore
Rock Climbing Singapore

Rock climbing is one of the greatest and the most exciting activities to do in Singapore for fun. It especially calls out all the adventure and mountaineering enthusiasts. Anyone can participate in this activity, from Kids and families, to climbers; the experience does not count here. Let your kids move on their way and push the boundaries, challenge themselves and embark on the journey.

Highlights: Before you start, they will give you curated individual courses and special sessions for beginners. You should share your password and visa details while booking the tickets.

Timing: Weekdays - 5.00 to 10:30 PM Weekend - 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM

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What are the best fun things to do in Singapore with family?

There are quite a lot of fun things to do in Singapore. From enjoying thrilling rides in Universal Studios, enjoying a luxury cruise experience in Star cruises, exploring the in-depth world of S.E.A Aquarium, roaming the arcades of Chinatown to witnessing one of the iconic landmarks, the Gardens by the bay, visiting Singapore Zoo and Jungle Bird Park, you can spend your day in Adventure Cove Waterpark, try indoor skiing, watch eye-catching dolphins at Dolphin Island, gain insights about the excellence of art along with the mixture of art and science, and spend a day amidst beautiful greens and flowers in the famous parks. You can also explore the first safari park in the world which is based during the night, along with your friends and family. Explore the nooks and corners of Sentosa Island and many more places, to have fun in Lion city.

What are the best water sports activities to do in Singapore?

Singapore has 11 exciting water sports activities to explore. A few popular ones are: Kayaking - Float through calm waters around the city. Flyboarding is for someone looking to fly over the ocean. Jet skiing - rent out a fun-powered vehicle to jet ski for an hour or more. Some other activities to enjoy in Singapore include Stand-up Paddleboarding, Dragon boating, Sailing, Diving, Windsurfing, Flyboarding, Wakeboarding, and pedal boating. Have fun without limits with your family, friends and loved ones by exploring various water sports in Singapore.

Which are the most romantic things to do in Singapore?

With marvelous architecture and historical landmarks, Singapore is the perfect destination for couples. Explore historic neighbourhoods and enjoy delicious Singaporean food with your loved one. Wander through the Gardens by the Bay and click pictures together. Visit Merlin Park to get a picture together with a famous statue. Explore Silosa Beach by Kayaking or Swimming. Hold hands while you wander through the vibrant district of Singapore’s Little India. If you are someone who is fascinated by architecture, then stroll through the Orchard Road to find the city’s oldest department store designed to showcase traditional Chinese architecture. One of the most romantic things to do in Singapore is to enjoy the pleasing vista together from the Singapore flyer. Embark on a culinary tour and explore varieties of cuisines such as Indian, Chinese, Malay, and Eurasian. Explore all the corners of the city with your loved one.

What are the best things to do at Marina Bay?

If you are travelling to Singapore, then visiting Marina Bay is inevitable. There are various attractions in Marina Bay, which include flora shows at Gardens by the bay, witnessing the mesmerising statue with lion head and the fish’s body in the Merlion, enjoying performance arts in Esplanade - theatres on the bay, clicking pictures on Helix bridge and riding on the Singapore flyer. All of these can be done by renting scooters at Marina Bay.

What is the best time to visit the Singapore River Safari?

You can avoid the waiting game and long queues by visiting the Singapore River Safari at 11.30 am or 2 pm, which makes it a hassle-free experience for you.

What is unique about giant swing Sentosa?

The Giant Swing Sentosa came up with a unique technology where you and your friend can race against each other once you are dropped from a 40-metre jump-off point. The best thing about Giant Swing Singapore is that you get to swing while overlooking the splendid Siloso Beach. This is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Singapore.

How big is the Singapore flyer?

Singapore Flyer is 150 metres in diameter and as high as a 42-storey building which measures 165 metres in height.

Capsule size: Each capsule is about the size of a city bus, which is around 4 metres x 7 metres. Singapore Flyer can carry 784 passengers in total. It has 28 capsules and can carry up to 28 passengers in each capsule.

What is unique about adventure cove waterpark?

This is the best place to beat the heat and humidity on a hot sunny day in Singapore. Rainbow Reef and Ray Bay would allow you to watch 20,000 fish up close, which makes it a unique adventure attraction. Get on a challenge with your family, and friends with the Splashworks, Tidal Twister, Spiral Washout, Wet Maze, Whirlpool Washout, Pipeline Plunge and Dueling Racer.

Which are the rides to experience Wild wild wet Singapore?

Wild wild wet Singapore promises you a day filled with thrills and spills. The waterpark is home to 16 water rides, which are suitable for all age groups. Several latest additional rides bring in a whole new level of excitement. Kraken Racers is one of the most popular wild wild wet rides. If you want to scream out of joy alongside your friends and family, then, Ulah-Lah White water rafting is the best option among many. There are several rides to explore in wild wild wet Singapore.

Things to Do in Singapore